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Daniel Dasse - Julien Cohen

Black Messiah - title

The story

Alexis Cisse, a young successful Parisian black man, is a former male escort, having a hard time letting go of the industry. Living a double life, multiple faces, he shines through the mischief, women and his charm.

At only 30 years of age, he has now landed a new position at one of the biggest independent advertising agency in Paris. Through love, sex, racism, power and a with a shady past...

It’s a new challenge for him. Alexis’s toughest challenge to date is being able to keep his secret in a merciless environment where anything goes...

Episode 1 - synopsis

Be the new CEO of one of the biggest independent advertising agency isn’t as easy as expected for Alex. Com&Tel, the biggest client of Neo Paris, is threatening to leave the agency due of his new bankable status.

During this time Cardot seems to prepare something against his old disciple to fall him down.

Episode 2 - synopsis

(coming soon)

Tone up between Alexis and Johanna about the strategy to keep Com&Tel in the agency. Alexis meet Flora Klein trying to change the position of his husband. Marie’s showcase was a very large success until Cardot shows up...

Black Messiah - alex

Alexis Cisse


Alexis is an atypical and complex character. Socially very well-integrated, He’s a natural charmer.

His strength lies in the ability to read people very quickly and understand their expectations, their needs, but also their weaknesses. Then, He sails between manipulation and multiple faces to achieve his aim. Control freak, adrenaline junkie, and addicted to new challenges, he’s a curious man, deeply clever, cultivated, and has an obsessional need to seduce his audience.

He lost his mother when he was 4 and and tried to find her in every woman he met.

He started as an escort to pay his studies. Just a few people know about his real story. He never really left this addictive secret life and he considers Chloe, who put him in this, as the mother he never had. His ambition, his secrets, his family, his pride, his fragility, his obsession with control... This is what Alexis Cisse life has to deal with.

Black Messiah - marie

Marie Cisse

29 – Painter / Alexis’s wife

Alexis’ wife is one of the biggest supporting role of the story. She will see Alexis develop in his sphere being sometimes barometer or at the contrary chain reactions maker in Alexis’ life.

She’s a delicate person, overwhelmed by this world far off hers. She’s a paint artist in Paris. They are very different in their ways to manage their emotions. She met him at a time when he needed someone, she knew him in his inglorious moments of his life and Marie is fully aware of his multiple personalities without actually being able to handle it totally.

Black Messiah - chloe

Chloe Barance

50 – Luxury Fashion Designer

She’s a temperamental woman, mysterious and totally unpredictable. She loves destabilizing people around her, she’s deeply moody, and always has something in mind. She’s Alexis’ “weak spot”, his Achilles’ heel because he knows she can make him fall at any moment from his status he cares, but also she can make him reach new heights thanks to her contact network and her position in the society.

Their relationship is unwholesome and destructive. Between Oedipus complex and pimping, Chloé and Alexis make a strange tandem, complex but exciting.

Black Messiah - johanna

Johanna Mauer

35 – General Manager NEO PARIS

Number 2 of Neo Agency, she’s the daughter of the founder John Mauer. She doesn’t appreciate much Alexis but admits his undeniable talent. She can’t stand for his casualness and his seducer and proud side. She’s deeply jealous of the relationship he established with her father, and she feels robbed for not being the head of the agency. She’s a striver, and considers that she’s not at the position she’s supposed to be.

Black Messiah - frederic

Frederic Cardot


Alexis’ former boss in McAllister, Frederic is a deeply greedy and dishonest person.

He’s deeply jealous of his former protégé’s aura and especially that he was no able to take advantage of it. Alexis’ success sends him back to his own mistakes and bad choices, and he can’t accept it. Since then, he declared war on Alexis. Get back his clients, hit on his collaborators, everything is set up to spice thing up and knock Alexis off his pedestal.

Black Messiah - final

The authors

Daniel Dasse

Creator / Script Writer / Producer

“Some people have a wrong theory about advertising. Of course, it’s a lot about success but not only. Several stories come up and it’s enough for people to think all the industry shares the same way of life. Black Messiah is not a story about advertising, it’s a real story about a man who thinks having control on his life but who finally, is losing himself on the way.” Daniel Dasse is a 30 years old man, CEO @ Morfeus Agency, fashion and sneakers addict. Single dad, he lives with his son, and his cats between Paris and Barcelona.

Black Messiah is the first project he made with Julien Cohen. They met in McCann Paris Agency,10 years ago and started to work together few years later on some campaigns before developing together the Black Messiah project early 2017.

Julien Cohen


Draftsman, illustrator and colorist, Julien Cohen became popular in 1999 with his projects of storyboards, illustrations, characters, traditional animation and video games for some major brands like Nestlé, Kenzo, Nespresso and Larousse.

After having participated to many work’s exhibitions in Paris mastered various graphic styles, Julien has started to create kid books (le Voyage du Petit Chat-Lion). Meanwhile, he has been working on other books which are still editing. Black Messiah is the first realistic graphic novel of the author. Messiah project early 2017.

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